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    Hillary Clinton versus the Convenience Store Coffee Maker

I'm starting to think that maybe it's been just a LITTLE too long since former First Lady Hillary Clinton has gotten her own coffee. Keep at it Hillary, I'm sure you'll figure it out...

3778 views        posted 01 May 2008    

    Kobe Bryant Jumps a Moving Sports Car

Although very well done, this is clearly a Nike advertisement produced in hopes of going viral. Jumping an Aston Martin shouldn't be difficult for the NBA star, but it's still not likely this is real.

3998 views        posted 12 April 2008    

    Here is One Way to Fook the Police

Have you ever been busted in a speed trap? Sneaky police catch you speeding? Here's one business owner that's looking out for his fellow man.

3391 views        posted 11 April 2008    

    Video of 8 Teens Beating the Crap out of a Girl

Here is the video of the story all over the news. Apparently eight teenagers were arrested...six girls and two boys who videotaped the beating.

5429 views        posted 11 April 2008    

    Family Guy Piggy Back Drag Racing

A classic clip from Family Guy. Peter rides this chick hard =)

5090 views        posted 22 March 2007    

    Jet Powered Go Cart

This dude has one of the coolest toys ever...a JET Powered Go Cart! Now how cool is this thing?!?

4833 views        posted 22 March 2007    

    Mother of All Jeep Flips

Total as this rock climbing Jeep tumbles and then tumbles some more. Crazy...

4294 views        posted 22 March 2007    

    Racial Profiling Family Guy Style

Peter learns the hard way that racism is still rampant in this country. See first hand how hard life can be for a black male American.

4307 views        posted 22 March 2007    

    The 300 - Trailer for the New PG Version

300 has been doing so well, the studio thought they should put out a PG version for the younger audience! Here is the trailer for the PG version of 300.(

3058 views        posted 22 March 2007    

    Dude Gets Rocked by Three Fat Chicks

I don't know what the hell this poor guy said to these fat chicks to start the stampede, but they knock the crap outta him. Be sure to check out the Mack truck hit toward the end.

5152 views        posted 04 March 2007    

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